Saturday, November 21, 2009

Riley - In Memory

I just learned that Riley, the special Maine Coon cat I met at one of the B&B's we stayed at in Maine tragically died Oct. 17. He was found in an above-ground swimming pool. It saddens my heart so much. He was a beautiful and lovable cat, and very much loved by his people who will miss him so much. We are reminded how important it is to keep pools covered to help prevent a tragedy like this.

I will always remember Riley, the great big boy who so graciously let me take pictures of him while he lounged in the yard.

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Edee said...

Good Morning Linda,

Riley looks so much like our sweet Maine Coon Kitty PRINCESS.
The Dan Oliver family gave her to us when she was just a kitten.

Thanks for your wonderful, inspiring thoughts and links.Enjoy the rest of your week =} Edee